I make music and sound 

for theatre and dance, film and corporate video




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A classical guitarist since the age of 8, I got into electric guitar, electronic music and audio aged 12 and from there pursued a career combining electric guitar and electronics, usually improvisatory music. I now work as a fulltime composer, producer and sound design/mixer.

I make music and audio for documentaries, theatre, sound installations, dance companies, radio and film in Norway, the UK, India, Sweden, France, Ireland and Spain and clean + mix audio for numerous projects in Norway and the UK . 

I founded the Kosmische Club in London in 1996, a centre for krautrock-based experimental music and DJs.

I moved to Norway in 2005 and played keyboards and guitar for the Norwegian band Salvatore between 2005-2009, playing on the album "Days Of Rage", which won a Spellemannspris (Norwegian Grammy) in 2007.

In 2012 I began a collaboration with the German composer Hans-Joachim Roedelius and in 2013 recorded with Keith Levene (The Clash, Public Image Limited) and Ted Parsons (Killing Joke, Prong, Swans). In 2015 I recorded with Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart, Jeff Buckley, Nick Cave). In 2017 I began a new recording project, Superposition.

In my studio, The Wibbly Wobbly Workshop, we make atmospheric music for theatre, dance and film and we fix, mix, and create all types of audio, from sound installations to films to corporate videos.


(2020) Mark Steiner and his Problems: single: bass, producer

(2020) Superposition: composer, producer.

1 – “Superposition of two wave systems”, in “Water-Waves and Sound-Waves” by Joseph Norman Lockyer, 'Popular Science Monthly', Volume 13, June

(2018) Mark Steiner and his Problems: single: bass, producer

(2018) remix for Alf Steiner: remix

(2018) remix for WHALESHARKATTACKS

WHALESHARKATTACKS remix: Leo Avanti! remix of Motel


(2017) Yobrepus, 'Blakc Mould' album: producer, bass



(2017) Project Paperclip album: bass, effects


(2017) Dark On Tuesdays (remix)


(2017) Sweet Like Chili remix


(2017) Mayflower Madame remix


(2016) Radio 9 track on Metronomicon compilation




(2016) Radio 9 track on Beatservice compilation

• remixes for Whalesharkattacks: here is one https://soundcloud.com/whalesharkattacks/tinydinosarz-radio-9-up-tempo-remix

(2015) 'Ubi Bene' 2 x gatefold vinyl with Hans-Joachim Roedelius




ubi bene front 1200x1200 med-2

(2015) • Escapement nominated for the Philip K Dick Award (my sound design and audio mix), New York.


(2014) 'Learn To Walk Through Walls' EP with Radio 9

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(2014) music, sound design + audio mix on 20min short film Minuet http://www.mats-sivertsen.net/minuet/

MINUET poster

(2014) sound design for Objective TV, UK Sky TV http://watch.uktv.co.uk/shows/the-happenings/

(2013) remix for Listening Mirror Role: remixer http://listening-mirror.bandcamp.com/album/the-heart-of-the-sky-expanded-and-remixed-cd-edition

(2013) music for BMW UK Role: Composer.

(2013) music + audio design for National Trust, UK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3KGyl07t3M

(2013) ‘Powder Projections’ album with Keith Levene (ex-PiL, The Clash), Ted Parsons (Swans, Killing Joke) and Zach Gene Betts. Role: Musician (bass) Recordings to be released 2016

(2013) showreel music for TS Post Production, Stockholm https://vimeo.com/66631380

(2012-2013) ‘Ubi Bene’album with Hans-Joachim Roedelius. Role: Musician (guitar, synth, elektronic effects) + composer. Recordings to be released 2014. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans-Joachim_Roedelius

[2013] score  for Eden Burning, 100mins, Toaster Productions, UK

[2013] score  for De Forurettede, 60mins, Bjørn Engvik Productions

(2012) work with Thea Glenton Raknes in Oscar-winning producer Paul Epworth's Wolftone studios, London, UK (Adele, Florence + The Machine, Bloc Party, etc.).
 Role: producer and musician (guitar, bass). Recordings unreleased.

(2012) ‘Eden burning’– composition + sound design on soundtrack for “Eden Burning”, full-length feature film with Toaster Productions, UK. Role: producer and musician (guitar, bass, keyboards) and sound designer.

(2012) Radio 9 (band) – recordings of material for self-release. Role: guitarist, vocalist, songwriter.

(2011) ‘KinderKinder’ - a Dadi Pudumjee 3-metre high puppet performance in New Delhi, India. 
Role: composer, producer and musician (guitar, bass, keyboards) and sound designer. 4x15 minute pieces.


(2011) ‘Endless Streams of Light’, album with Radio 9 – Oslo-based electronica band release on oblong•••records.
 Role: Vocalist, guitarist, electronics and songwriter.


(2011) ‘Damo Suzuki Is Staying At My House’ – single with Radio 9 "Damo Suzuki Is Staying At My House" by Radio 9 as part of 'Metronomicon compliation 5.0'. credit: electronics, guitar, vocal.

(2011) ‘Insanitet’ – short film. Director: Iren Almedal Monan. Role: Composer/Sound design. http://vimeo.com/27030239

(2011) showreel for Omanovic Productions Stockholm. Role: composition.

(2010) Playing for Success: UK-government sponsored initiative for under-privileged kids in Britain.

(2010) Blind Children's Center, Los Angeles. Honoured to be asked to donate a track to the Blind Children’s Center in LA.

(2009) "Smeltende Arktikis", 2-part documentary on TV2 Norge [each part 47 minutes] about melting icecaps, broadcast Denmark October 2009. composition+recording (synth, electronic effects) and production of soundtrack. Directed by Bjørn Engvik, broadcast TV2 Norway and Danish TV DR.


(2008) Avanti! track on Skweee compilation "Museum Of Future Sound 2"


(2007) ‘Days of Rage’ album with Salvatore on Racing Junior records. Won a Spellemannspris 2007 in electronica selection.
 Role: Musician (keyboards + guitar)


[2007] wrote the sleeve notes for Can: "Anthology" (Mute/Spoon records)

(2006) ‘Irresistable’– short film. Role: composition / sound design.

(2006) Neu RADIO NOVA [Oslo, Norway] radio jingle

[2006] You’re Gonna Wake Up One Morning: ‘You're Gonna Wake Up One Morning’, featuring Don Letts [The Clash film-maker, Big Audio Dynamite, etc.] Best Short Video Award, Film 220, USA. Role: Music composition. IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0425660/

(2005) ‘Soundsprinkle’– open-air, multi-speaker sound installation at Schiphorst Festival, Germany, curated by German krautrock band Faust. Germany, September 2005 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faust_(band)

(2005) ringtones for Candyspace

(2005) ‘Utan tittel’– Sound installation with artist Marius Notvik at Sound of Mu, Oslo: a 4-speaker soundpiece played in tandem with Notvik’s large-scale video projections at Sound of Mu, Oslo.
 Role: Music/sound design.


(2005) release: "Come Find Me" as part of "In a Weird Chalet", by Dacianos. Role: production, guitar, bass, keyboards. (There Is Hope Recordings)

(2004) "One Night Only" short film (Nov 2003) shown at (Portobello Film Festival, London). Role: composer.

(2003) ‘Killer Kane’ – short film by Paris Lionte http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0503109/. Role: Composer.


(2003-2005) ‘Lomax’– 2 x 7” singles and track on album for indie label 93 Records, UK. 
Role: Musician (synth, keyboards).


(2000) ‘Motorik’ 10” clear vinyl, playlisted on XFM and John Peel, Radio 1, released on UK label Enraptured Records (UK).  Role: vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. http://www.enrapturedrecords.com/products- page/10-vinyl-ep/radio-9-motorik/


(1982-200) Numerous releases with the bands  Let's Eat Cake, Swing the Heartache and Animation.  Animation made a 7” single produced by Robert Smith from The Cure, released on Smith's record label Dance Fools Dance in 1982.
 Role: vocalist, guitarist, songwriter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zRu6mQzfHo

DJ work (selected):

(2018) Kulturhuset, Oslo

(2017) Barbican Centre, Kosmische Club, London

(2016) DJ at various parties, Ingensteds, Mono, Revolver, Oslo, Kosmische Club, London

(2015) DJ at Mono, Månefisken, Ingensteds, Kulturhuset, Oslo

(2014) DJ at Mono, Mir, Oslo

(2007-2013) ‘Kosmische Club’ resident DJ every month at Revolver, Oslo

[2013] DJ at Dattera Til Hagen

(2005-present) DJ at Mir, Oslo

(2009+2010) DJ at Airwaves Festival, Stockholm

[2010] DJ at Gloria Flames, Oslo

(2007) DJ at All Tomorrow’s Parties, Camber Sands, UK

(2006) DJ at The Old Blue Last [Vice Magazine], London, UK

(2006) DJ at Parkteateret, Oslo

(2000-2005) DJ at Resonance FM, London, UK.

(2005- 2006) DJ at Sound of Mu, Oslo

(2004) DJ at Royal Festival Hall, London UK

(2004) DJ at Victoria and Albert Museum [Shhh sound installation] London, UK

Commercial work (selected):


• music + sound design for Helsedirektoratet, Norge

(2017) easier to read the blog


• music for Veronica Vallenes (Oslo Runway - formerly Oslo Fashion Week) http://www.veronicabvallenes.com

• music for Kjarlighetsbrev-til-Kollektivtransporten, Kilden Teater, Kristiansand

• composition for UEFA 2016

• composition + sound design for launch of amusement park, Xiang region, China through Immersive London

• sound design for Aktuba Norge http://www.aktuba.no

(2015)• music + sound design for Immersive London (Great festival in Shanghai)

• music + sound design for Puma sports /Arsenal FC


• Cities and Memory : Il Mare Di Sicilia (> Sicily, navigate) http://citiesandmemory.com/

(2014) Statpeds Festivalen - music composition, audio cleaning+mix 

(2014) Forsvarbygg Norge - audio cleaning+mix 

(2014) Lotus Formula One / Avanade - audio cleaning+mix 

(2014) Novartis pharmaceuticals - audio cleaning+mix for product launch

[2014) BMW - music composition and mix for corporate launch.

(2013) Sandoz pharmaceuticals - music compostion for product launch

(2013) Ringnes - music composition, sound design + audio cleaning + mix

(2012) Flytoget - Sound design, audio cleaning and mix for corporate film.

(2012) Ernst&Young, UK - Sound design, audio cleaning and mix for corporate film.

(2012) Kilbeggan Distilleries, UK - Sound design, audio cleaning and mix for corporate film.

(2012) BMW - Sound design, audio cleaning and mix for corporate film.

(2011) Amnesty Sverige – composition, recording and sound design for Amnesty Sweden for Omanovic Productions, Stockholm.

(2011) KIA motors, UK – composition, sound design, audio cleaning and mix for corporate dealer launch of 2 new cars.

(2009) NRK TV-Aksjonen ‘CARE’ (6 and 8-hour charity telethons): composition+ recording of main theme, credit sequence and background music.

(2009) ‘Cheeky Monkeys’ – sound design, audio cleaning and mixing for cartoon 'Cheeky Monkeys',

(2009) Property Matters - sound design, audio cleaning and mixing (Channel4 UK)

(2008) Greggs, UK - Sound design, audio cleaning and mix for corporate film.

(2008) John Lewis, UK - Sound design, audio cleaning and mix for corporate film.

(2007) NRK TV-Aksjonen ‘Sammen for Barn’. [broadcast October 2007, NRK 1]: composition+ recording of main theme, credit sequence and background music.

(2006) NRK TV-Aksjonen ‘Leger uten grenser’: composition+ recording of main theme, credit sequence and background music.

(2005) NRK TV-Aksjonen ‘Drømmefanger’. composition+ recording of main theme, credit sequence and background music.

(2004) Discovery Channel: 'Northern Lights' and 'Rocketman' series of 2,3 and 4 min fillers and 1-hour documentaries, broadcast periodically since 2004.

Concerts (selected):

(2017) live performance with Damo Suzuki (from Can) at Revolver https://www.facebook.com/events/1721562394826622/

(2016) live performances with Radio 9 here

(2016) gig with Martin Bisi, legendary producer https://www.facebook.com/events/1768705560049622/

(2016) Radio 9 KlubbØya gig https://www.facebook.com/events/1723318154590427/

(2016)music for Veronica Vallenes (Oslo Runway - formerly Oslo Fashion Week) http://www.veronicabvallenes.com

(2015) concert in Paris with HJ Roedelius http://www.petitbain.org/ROEDELIUS-MURAGLIA-TURZI?date=2015-11-07

(2015) Looplooploop performances with Laura Christina B Vallenes at SKMU in Kristiansand throughout January http://laurachristinabvallenes.blogspot.no

(2015) March 19: Komedia, Brighton http://tinyurl.com/k5odh9u

March 20: VINYL, London http://vinyldeptford.co.uk/

March 21: Club Motorik, The Windmill Brixton https://www.facebook.com/events/1532436093705324

(2014) music + sound design for the ever-wonderful Laura Christina B Vallenes http://laurachristinabvallenes.blogspot.no

(2014) Radio 9 gigs in Sweden + very short UK trip link

(2014) Radio 9 gig, Revolver, Oslo with Nissenmondai on June 5 link Musikkensdag gig June 7 at Blå and gig at Ingensteds on June 9th

(2014) music + sound design performance of Ellidas Ocean, Sørlandets Kunstmuseum [LINK]

(2014) guitar performance with Martin Powell at PolyFøkt Festival Oslo, Norway

(2014) laptop performance in abandoned theatre with Looplooploop theatre group of Fruen Fra Havet (based on Ibsen text) at Red Box / Blue Box Festival, Kristiansand, Norway 

(2013) chose 'sound-carrier' musicians in band and played bass with Damo Suzuki (Krautrock legend, ex-Can) at Revolver, Oslo. completely improvised 120-minute concert.
 Also in band: Ted Parsons, drums (ex- Swans, Killing Joke, Keith Levene), Reine Fiske (Motorpsycho, Dungen) Daniel Meyer Grønvold, guitar (Moon Relay).

(2013)‘The Silence of Leaving’ Performance in Kristiansand, November 2013. 
 Role: musician (electronic). With Looplooploop.

(2013) chose 'sound-carrier' musicians in band and played bass with Damo Suzuki (Krautrock legend, ex-Can) at Revolver, Oslo. completely improvised 120-minute concert.
 Also in band: Mark Francombe, gitar (ex- Cranes); Ted Parsons, drums (ex- Swans, Killing Joke, Keith Levene), Ådne Meisford, synth (120 Days); Christian Næss, drums (Far From Tellus + Radio 9); Daniel Meyer Grønvold, guitar (Moon Relay).

(2013) ‘Not just an Angel’in Kristiansand Domkirke. Performance based around the feminist author Camilla Collett's Anniversary in January 2013. 
 Role: musician (electronic). Support from Kristiansand and Agder and Telemark bishopric.

(2012) With Hans-Joachim Roedelius at Kosmische Clubs event in September, Corsica Studios, London, UK.
As musician (synth, guitar, electronic effects)

(2010 – 2012) ‘Fishing for love’ - outdoor contemporary dance performance with Ella Fiskum og Sudesh Adana as part of the Elvefestivalen in Drammen, 2012; Festspillene in North-Norway (Harstad) Vestfoldfestspillene (Tønsberg) and Risør kammermusikkfestival in 2011, and at Tjuvholmen i Oslo i 2010. Role: musician - live synthesizer, and electronic effects and composition. Based on Stravinskys‘The Firebird’.

Supported by FFUK, Norsk Kulturråd og Oslo Kommune (2010).

(2010-2012) ‘The Oslo Experiment’ – interactive electronic connection and sound installation. First performed at Elvelangs Festival in Oslo in 2010, at Dansens Hus in May 2011 and at the ‘On the Edge of Wrong’ Festival in Cape Town, South Africa in February 2012.
Role: Sound designer/programmer and live effect producer. Supported by FFUK og Norsk Kulturråd.

(2011)‘The Whiteforest Hotel': living theatre performance at Eg psychiatric hospital, Kristiansand.
 Role: composer and sound designer for multi-speaker, multi-room theatre piece. With LoopLoopLoop. http://whiteforesthotel.blogspot.no/
Supported by Cultiva Ekspress Kunst (CEK) and Vest-Agder Fylkeskommune.

(2009-2010)‘DRE’ 60-minute performance at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet, October 2010, The Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi, India January 2009, and ‘artist residency’ in Tolosa, Spania, September-October 2010.
Role: musician/composer, recording and live performance with live synth and elektronic effects. With Sudesh Adhana, Ella Fiskum, Aditi Mangaldas og Dadi Pudumjee, in conjunction with Damini House of Culture. http://drethree.blogspot.no/

Supported by Norsk Kulturråd, FFUK, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Utenriksdepartementet mfl.

(2010) Murder in the Urban Heart: (2nd part of Murder In Dreamland at Coda 2010) composition+ recording, and live synthesizer, effects and laptop.
with Loop Loop Loop: http://www.looplooploop.no/index.php/biografi    http://ellafiskumdanz.com/projects/murder-in-the-urban-heart/concept/ Supported by FFUK, Fond for Lyd og Bilde og Oslo Kommune.

(2010)“Fishing For Love: composition+ recording, live synthesizer, effects and laptop: Tjuvholmen, Oslo May 2010. outdoor dance piece with Ella Fiskum and Sudesh Adana, based on Stravinskys ‘The Firebird’.

(2010)“Kjærlighetshagen: outdoor dance/theatre performance at Svinør, Norway. Composition+ recording, live synthesizer, effects and laptop, July 2010. Based on the book “Kjærlighetshagen” by Gerd Hennum (1879) and performed in the garden the book is based around. LOOP LOOP LOOP by Laura CB Vallenes, performed in the original garden and filmed by Rolf Steinar Bergli.

(2008-2010) ‘Burning Dog Orchestra’ improvised concerts in Grønland Kirke, Oslo.
Member of 25-piece guitar orchestra, improvised performances in Grønland Kirke, with: Emil Nikolaisen (guitar) (Serena Maneesh), Espen Hangård (guitar),Marius Ergo (guitar), Fredrik Ness, Sevendal (guitar), Martin Powell (guitar), Øystein Sandsdalen (guitar), André Borgen (guitar), Jørgen Maristuen (guitar), Tore Stavlund (guitar), Daniel Meyer Grønvold (guitar), Jon Wesseltoft (guitar), Per Gisle Galåen (guitar). http://youtu.be/x9TO8sFZPcY

(2009) ‘Murder in Dreamland – 60minute contemporary dance / performance art piece, Dansens Hus, Oslo at the opening of CODA Dance Festival, Dansens Hus, Oslo, Norway October.
Role: live synthesizer, effects and laptop. In collaboration with LoopLoopLoop og Ella Fiskum Danz. http://ellafiskumdanz.com/projects/murder-in- dreamland/concept/

Supported by FFUK, Norsk Kulturråd og Oslo Kommune.

(2007) With Damo Suzuki (Krautrock-legend, ex-Can) at Blå in Oslo, as part of Øyafestivalens club-programme.
Rolle: keyboards. Other bandmembers: Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh), Anthony Barratt (Je Suis Animal), Per Gisle Galåen (DEL, Birds) and members of Oslo band Apple Falls.

(2007) ‘Cluster’ – performed as DJ with Krautrock legends Hans-Joachim Roedelius og Dieter Moebius and electronic music pioneers Cluster at Henie Onstad Senter, Høvikodden, Oslo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cluster_(band)

(2004-2008) Salvatore – numerous concerts and TV appearances with Norwegian Spellemannspris-winners Salvatore. Balkan tour summer 2005, Spain/Portugal tour summer 2006, Måren Festival in Sognefjord 2006, Ekstremsporstsveko i Voss 2008.
Role: keyboard/synth and guitar.


(2003-2005) Lomax – keyboards / synth at several London concerts (including venues 333, The Old Blue Last, 93 Feet East) and on 2 x 7" singles and concerts with UK band Lomax, with Paul Epworth (Oscar-winning producer for Adele, Florence and the Machine, Bloc Party, etc).

(1996-present) Concerts with own band, Radio 9, often at Kosmische Club, a self-promoted club night dedicated to improvised, avant-garde music, usually based around Krautrock. 2 UK tours involved concerts in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Brighton and Bristol and received coverage in UK and international press, Channel 4, BBC and German RZF TV channels. Role: musician (vocals/guitar) + songwriter.

(1990–2000) concerts with bands Flow Motion, Radio 9 and Cobalt Blue – mostly in London and the South-East of England, in such venues as The Garage, The Bull and Gate, The Powerhaus, The Orange, 93 Feet East, The Spitz, playing mostly improvised music, based around subbass and electronic rhythms played from a laptop, but using a live band, with electric bass, acoustic drums and electric guitar. Peter Jenner (ex-manager of Pink Floyd) involved in booking some of these concerts. Also some some production work, but also TV appearances in UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Sweden and The Netherlands with Belinda Carlisle, OMD and Eve Gallagher, playing guitar, some keyboards.

(1984–1990) live concerts and some recording projects with various groups including Animation, Let's Eat Cake and Swing The Heartache in South-East England, playing with bands as guitarist, vocalist and sometimes keyboards. Mostly improvised sample-based collage music with experimental edge and industrial influences. Also music and sound effects for theatre (Ifield Barn Theatre, Crawley).


EA Games 


Roche pharmaceuticals

Epson Computers

Lotus Formula 1

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Discovery Networks Europe

NRK Norway

TV2 Norway


Marmalade Games London

Helse Direktoratet Norge

Dell Computers




Dresdner Bank

Coors Beer

Sandoz Pharmaceuticals

Puma Sports / Arsenal FC

Thames Tideway

ACA [Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales]


Itera Oslo

SED Construction


Chambers Dictionaries

University College London

Loaded Productions

Business Leaders Forum [Prince of Wales-sponsored business event]

Liptons Tea (Japan TV)

Property Matters (Channel 4/Sky UK)

Greggs the Baker UK

John Lewis UK

Dairy Crest UK