Apr / May / Jun 2017

IMG 0791

• music + sound design for Karen Foss

FORESTILLINGSINFO blind seende kfQW hammerfest feb 2017-kopi

• met Tony Visconti :-0

me+Tony Visconti 1

• went to a cabin in Kvamsfjellet and recorded a TON of stuff for the next record: project = s u p e r p o s i t i on

IMG 1162

packed for the 4 hour drive

IMG 1165

the view

IMG 1166

the view

IMG 1173

almost set up

IMG 1178

set up

IMG 1181

the view

IMG 1186

the view

IMG 1188

the neighbours

IMG 1198

daytime recording

IMG 1201

went for a walk

IMG 1203

pretty quiet round here

IMG 1205

but what is that?

IMG 1208

er…a dead sheep. locked in a cage. what?

IMG 1209

no farmer nearby

IMG 1213

just a cave

IMG 1215

meanwhile, back at the cabin…a visitor

IMG 1216


IMG 1217

nearby Vinstra is hep + happening

IMG 1219

Vinstra train station

IMG 1221

Vinstra humans

IMG 1232

downtown Kvam

SONY 1973

an actual vintage mic. It's not very good, but it's vintage 

IMG 1247

nighttime recording

IMG 1248

bit foggy the next day..

IMG 1275

some toys

IMG 1312

then back to Oslo to work with Karen Foss + gang

editing + mixing in June...


June 1st 2017

Damo Suzuki (ex-Can) with Local Sound Carriers // Revolver



sound carriers:

Ted Parsons = drums

Ted Parsons (ex-Swans, Killing Joke, Prong) is a bone-fide rock star. Come and marvel at his grinding, pummelling beats. tedparsons.net

Rasmus Hungnes  = drums

Rasmus is an artist. His art often contains elements of porn. His effortless, articulated drumming does, too. 2 drummers = always a good idea. http://www.rasmushungnes.com

Anthony Barratt = keys + electronics (SLYC, Je Suis Animal)

Anthony uses vintage instruments and effects units to channel the spirit of music concréte from 1950s Czech cartoons. Anthony sits down to make music. http://www.klangverkstedet.no

Andreas Hoem Røysum = guitar

When Andreas steps onto a stage, no-one really knows what he is going to do. An up-and-coming light on the Norsk improvised music scene and collaborator with Frode Gjerstad, Dag Erik Knedal Andersen og Rhys Chatham,  he recently studied with a classical master in India. 

Mark Steiner = guitar

MARK STEINER has been living in Oslo, Norway and touring the globe for so long that many assume that he is Norwegian. He is not. This ex-New Yorker is an international wandering scoundrel who one might find hanging out in the shadowy corners of a bar at closing time. A musical vagrant who walks the same decadent alleyways as Nick Cave, Stuart Staples, Leonard Cohen and Rowland S. Howard. staggerhome.com

Leon Muraglia = bass (ex-Radio 9)

Leon Muraglia thinks he is in control of a complex network of effects pedals that actually have a mind of their own http://www.kosmische.org/showreel.html

Damo Suzuki = vocals. Damo Suzuki is still one of the most engaging, energetic, original singers on planet Earth, just as he was when he sang with Can, the most engaging, energetic, original band on planet Earth.



8 April 2017

The Barbican, London

The Can Project

kosmische club djs after the gig until 12.00 


kosmische DJs after the gig on the Barbican clubstage

stalls level (-1) foyers


unofficial aftershow kosmische club 

8 April 2017

walking distance from the Barbican after the gig > 02.00

NB new council ruling means that you MUST be there before 11pm



1-3 Rivington St, London EC2A 3DTOn the corner of Old St & Great Eastern St.

(where The Foundry used to be)