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Radio 9 is a group based in Oslo, Norway

 it is electronic with guitars. some vocals

the music has been described as optimistic krautpop

named after a Buzzcocks song

Muraglia moved to Oslo, Norway in 2005 to focus on music. There he wrote, recorded and toured with Norwegian band Salvatore - a group that made atmospheric postrock music - for 3 years and appears on their last album, Days of Rage. In 2007 Salvatore won a Norwegian Spellemanspris (Norwegian equivalent to a Grammy) and then split up

Muraglia decided to restart Radio 9 with Rob Schultzberg (ex-Placebo) and enlisted Magnus Husum (from Far From Tellus) on guitar. The logistics of travel meant that Schultzberg was replaced by Christian Næss on drums

recorded and worked with producers Paul Epworth (Adéle, Primal Scream, Florence and the Machine, Bloc Party, etc.) and Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Interpol, Mogwai, These New Puritans, John Foxx, Einstürzende Neubauten, etc)

Radio 9

leon sings and plays bass+guitar+radio

aleks sings and plays drums

elvira plays bass+radio

influences incllude NEU!, Kraftwerk, Can, Add N to (X), punk and Yves Klein.

the band has a 4 track EP release on WLM label, England

a track on London's Resonance FM compilation

released a 10" on clear vinyl (Enraptured Records) 

released 'Endless Streams of Light' on Oblong••• 

short version

Radio 9 is a collective that plays electronic music with real drums, guitar and bass and some vocals. Think energetic, melodic Krautpop. NEU!/Can/Add N to (X). Varying from hypnotic, mellifluous atmospherics to frenzied postpunk whiteouts, the band frequently improvise live in extended rhythmic bop. Previously based in the London, now Oslo, the band released an album, 'Endless Streams of Light' on Oblong••• and a 4-track EP on UK label WLM.



"excellent Krautpop" Jean-Hervé Peron, from German krautrock legends Faust

"a shiny, streamlined future broadcast" bizarre magazine.

"really rather good" John Peel

"highly recommended" ptolemaic terrascope.

"experimental and exciting" record collector.

"a stunning debut" interactive DJ.

"un effetto narcotizzante" blow up.


Radio 9


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