ubi bene


Ubi Bene front 1200x1200

"a multi-coloured autumn jewel that emanates as much passion as it does class"  Ondarock


• concert: 


Petit Bain
7 Port de la Gare
75013 Paris 


• Playback evening: Kulturhuset, Oslo Sep 21, 19.00 - 21.00


In 2013 I visited Haus Roedelius in Baden, Austria and recorded with Joachim over 5 days. I had prepared some beats and a few synth sequences which we had improvised over at a London gig in 2011. I returned to Oslo with 22 pieces of music and over 180GB of recordings, some of which are as yet unmixed. I edited and mixed the tracks (most of which were over 20mins long) in my studio - sent them to Joachim for comment and input - and slowly these pieces began to take shape.

Some of the pieces were variations of pieces I had made for previous theatre/installation work ('She had Always Loved Vienna' and 'A Nostalgia For Lollipops'). Some pieces came from pieces I had made specifically for the recording session ('Summer Breeze, Turning') and some were completely improvised with no previous preparation ('Surfaces That Appear To Change', There Is A Huge Duck Standing Right Behind You').

As we recorded, Joachim told us that Baden had been a spa town for hundreds of years and that there had been mass street protests in when a previous government had proposed segregated bathing. Eventually, Joachim persuaded my girlfriend + I to visit the nudist spa in Baden (which gives the town its name). This inspired 'Kurhaus Skinnydip'.

We visited Beethoven's house in Baden: the title of The title of 'My Heart And Mind Were Disposed To Feelings of Goodwill' comes from Beethoven's Heiligenstadt Testament.

The Roedelius family made us feel completely at home and recording was a delight.

'Ubi Bene' was recorded and mixed at my studio, Laboratorio Avanti! (and partly at Haus Roedelius), mastered here. Joachim's photo of Lunz, where he holds a yearly festival, is on the cover.

I have known Hans-Joachim Roedelius since 1997 when he played at Kosmische club in London. In 2007 Cluster played at Henie Onstad Senter just outside Oslo. I was DJing. Joachim asked me to continue DJing as Cluster played. In 2012 I organized a Kosmische event in London. Joachim said 'we should perform together'. This led to 'Ubi Bene' (Joachim's title: literally 'the place where one feels good'), now released on double, gatefold vinyl (with download code) by the nice people at Passus records. Enjoy! :)